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Manhattan Music Lessons Attendance Policy



Students are expected to attend lessons on a regular basis. Teachers are not required to make-up missed lesson(s) when no notice is given.  Excused absences, where 24 hour notice is given, can be made-up during a mutually agreeable time, as a virtual lesson, or an in person lesson adhering to COVID-19 protocols. 

To report a student absence, please contact your teacher via phone or email.  Refunds are not issued for lessons that are missed or canceled by the student. 


COVID-19/Inclement weather: If the public/private schools are closed, check with your individual private teacher to determine if he/she will be teaching as usual, virtually, or to schedule a make-up lesson. 

If your state is under a government mandated lock down due to COVID, lessons will be taught virtually for the duration of lock down.


Following the guidance of public health organizations, Manhattan Music Lesson’s students and teachers are required to wear face coverings during all lessons.

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